todays date 04/24/2020

Janet Lundy informs me, My Mom is the next target,'Already identified as involved in organized gang activity, making a copy of my house key when I asked her to let the dog out when I was out of town, harboring eeves dropping electronics in her house and on her property to monitor me.

When i find the phone you left in the house to llisten in?  who's fingerprints do you suppose will be on it?


My relatives, murdered for unruly law enforcment

Elaine Bloom, Holsopple PA

Erna Stephan, Toms River NJ

Another Shooting,

Rte 6, near Dalton PA

About 10:30 AM, on January 30th, 2019.


funny, my hacker(s) are all in that area,


And now, 1 more shooting,

Sept 24th, around 2:30 PM

not even sure of the town, rte 6 east, headed home from Scranton,

i think it was mehoopeny.

this was a BB gun.  this was to set up the perfect ANGLE AT SAID location for the next shooting.

Back to the feds, and the PA state police.  maybe they'll do something about it this time??????????

or is attempted murder still legal in PA ?



A message to moscato.

When you hired Bunsfield to conspire my murder,  you hired a man not capable of honesty.  you hired a man who thinks he's smart, but in fact his actions and words don't match,  I didn't trust him,  he repeatedly wore a wire, and asked me questions and answered them, speaking over me. he was selling you a service. Murder for hire.

If you're gonna hire a hitman, find an honest one.  Bunsfield a bit soft between the ears.

Bunsfield is video taped trying to break into my house when i lived next door to him in Waymart PA. 

It wasn't a planned burglary, his job was to hold back the dog while your other scumbags injected me.


Sorry moscato,

no more forced suicides at your request.

and no more shootings at Bunsfields request.

controlling my healthcare is not your job either.


and as fr as attacking my work?

well you see, your a free man today because i've been ignoring your assinine antics, working, minding my own business, waiting for you to grow up and move on.  no time to seek out the attorney who will put you in a cage where you belong.

and now that the creeps you hired through Bunsfield are not letting me work,

i've got time on my hands.  you don't want that.   no matter what you do,  the audio and video tapes put you in a cage. i don't even have to testify.

Shame on you

Grow up.  move on.  It was 15 years after the fact, that i found out you were targetting me because you're afraid i saw something you were hiding.

what does that tell you?

 you're living in fear of your own

guilty conscience

Whatever you were hiding?  it's your problem.  but when you start murdering people,  you make your problem very big.  your problem isn't about whatever you were hiding.

your problem is about the deprivation of rights violations, the murders, and conspiracy. 

Your problem is your bully mentality that keeps you paying people to commit murders, and

targetting innocent civilians.


you're problem is,

everything that happens to me and my family, comes right back to you.

you can't hide behind Bunsfields street gang. 

I've already proven you hired him.


you're only resolve you filthy piece of shit is to grow up and move on.  the more trouble there is,  the more public it gets.  you keep making more and more witnesses. You're street trash is out of control, and their own are turning on them.


Aniello Moscato plans my murder, to look like a suicide, as did, Erna Stephan, Toms River NJ





and then enter

Georgina Michaels.  she like to play with poisins.

I hired her to do some desk work. I didn't like her when i met her.  she's phoney.  again like with her friend bunsfiled,  he actions don't match her words.

She admitted to poisoning my dog,  and oh my gosh, lookie here,  the day i fired her when she admitting poisoning my dog,  i found a white powder in my medicaine cabinet.  this we'll call another attempt on my life.

and then the no class piece of filth, trys to sue me for defamation because I'm not her first target, but the first target who added her to a federal affidavit.

along with her friend donna wood,  fabricating evidence, utilizing a hacker making statements on my website.

the circle of lies just continues.




  I video taped him under my truck in waymart pa.

when he found he wasn't getting the payoff for my death, he took a tizzy fit in front of a camera, and ran his mouth about his sick plans.  

He offers the murder for hire, Hitman for hire service to unruly law enforcment.


see,  had you done your job, and permitted me to file a complaint at the barracks when i came to you for help with a stalker.  as I was advised to do,

you wouldn't be paying people to murder me and my relatives.

and now, i'm told we can resolve this without lititgation,  You want 50,000.oo from me?

Blackmail?  are you serious?

You paid Bunsfield for this service?


Maybe i should put the signs back on the truck, eh?



Sitting watching the house,

PA Plate HHV-5267  8-1-18  1:30 PM, big mistake bub.

This jerk thought he was smart,  he's on camera,  on private property sitting watching my house for over 10 minutes.  desperate for attention, I thought I'd go get his plate.  He didn't like that so much.  he's the typical loser, so much spare time on his hands,he comes and parks on Rte 6.

He jumps out of his car and yells,  SMILE.  taking my picture. 

Previously, NY Plate HJY-6770 6/19/18, 7:15 PM, male, caucasion, grey beard mustache.  nice clear mug shot of this one

Bronze colored ford, sitting waytching the house


Here's another loser

PA Plate KNW-3231


And another YDW-5213 7/28/18 9:35 PM

Female, not all too bright,  bright red pu type.  she likes attention.  another lacking self worth loser


I've been laying  off making noise thinking you guys would grow up and move on,  but the more trouble you give me, the more noise I'm gonna make.

Wysox PA is full of no class losers involved in gang activity.  it's not the type of gang you'd expect,  like homeless teens doing nasty things, there are adults, respectable looking,  with full time jobs,  but clearly too much time on their hands, and stalk, monitor chase, and cause problems for people because they have nothing better to do with their time.

Retired people who'se lives are not nearly as active as they'd like, so they take part in stalking.  how very sad,

and kids, teens, yound adults,  who couldn't be bothered working, some second and third generation welfare.

a broad spectrum of osers that find pleasure in other peoples business.

Walking around on the property at night, vandalizing the property, a frontier communications truck, 2:55 am on the telephone pole. VIDEO TAPED


You people need to find yourself real jobs.  It is a felony to stalk a federal witness.



Gang Activity, Wysox PA,

my very own neighbor,  had to change the locks to keep her out,

electronic interference traced back to her house.

and she does this because someone she trusts, lied to her.

Hello Janet?  state can't protect you from the feds

Affadavit Amended. again



My Name is Susan Hull

victim of a police officer


I Live in Northeast Pennsylvania, My mail is tampered with.

02/10/2019 I am currently seeking an Attorney, Justice and retaliation against the New York State police, New Jersey State Police, Pennsylvania State Police,  the Orange County NY District Attorneys Office, and numerous locals Police Departments, USPS, Inspector general, Adams Cable, carbondale pa.


I am the victim of a New York State Trooper.

He's killing my relatives. this is current and ongoing activity.


A seamstress 57 years old,, i work about 80 hours a week sewing commercially for a few companies in New York and Washington.

I have never done anything negative in my life, but I am aware of negative comments against me to protect the trooper that got out of line with me.


Aniello Moscato NYS Police


Soon after moving to Pennsylvania, i was made aware that the PA state police were active in the harassment and targetting me in support of Aniello Moscato.


Moscato was found guilty by Internal affairs, and protected. There are 19 depositions against him.

He has collected an army of cops,  troopers and corrections officers, to injur, harass, and murder.

I and my relatives are targetted.


After 15 years of torment and killing 2 of my relatives, I'm just now finding out, Moscato fears me.  Thinks I might have seen something in the backroom her took me into.

I only went to the barracks to file a complaint because I have a stalker.


I can prove this case with audio and video recordings that implicate the NYS police, the Orange County DA's office, and numerous local Police Departments, making false statements and entries against me to protect  Moscato, and the stalker.  Philip bruno,  Hollenbeck and Dailey Roofing, newburgh ny.


  • I have saved all the official original documents from the beginning.
  • A diary of events.
  • Audios of the Orange County NY DA's office making false statements,
  • Audio of Moscato getting out of line with me,  numerous implications.
  • Town of Newburgh PD turning adversary on me to protect the stalker who already had a criminal record,  harassing women.
  • Video of 1 man who impersonates a Federal Agent, vandalizing my vehicle. Richard Bunsfield
  • Audio of a PA state trooper acknowledging the phone bug in a recorded conversation
  • A drone video taped looking in my windows
  • Numerous witnesses, audio and video tapes of ongoing harassment, monitoring, computer hacking
  • Genetic harassment
  • Tampering with the US Mail
  • Repeatedly poisoning my dog


The relentless monitoring of relatives has escalated to murder, and I'm informed in  with a threatening undertone to keep my mouth shut.

Moscato calls this wearing me down.


  • 2 wrongful deaths,
  • One in New Jersey,  A  letter was mailed to me after she was found hanged to death. This was not a suicide.
  • One In Pennsylvania, denied medical care when she had a heart attack in a nursing home. The order given was, "Do Not Transport"  She laid on a gurney through the night until she passed away.  She was only there to recover from a fall.  Scheduled for discharge shortly after.


The bullet holes in my vehicle.

The roadway was marked at the site of the shooting. 911 did not send assistance, but rather sent me to the barracks to file a complaint.

When I got there,  Blooming Grove PA., troopers walked through snickered and rediculed, knowing I was shot at by one of their own.

I was not allowed to file a complaint or make an incident report.

Internal Affairs response?

"We're not doing anything about this"

There are witnesses, evidence, and

I can positively identify some of the conspirators in this incident.

I was shot at head on.


I'm told there is a contract on my life.


  • I am denied 911 assistance when I'm being harassed
  • I am denied safe healthcare, IE, I'm only entitled to healthcare under anesthesia
  • Stalked and monitored 24/7
  • Computer is hacked,
  • Phone is bugged
  • Dog is repeatedly poisined
  • My property and neighbors are repeatedly vandalized
  • Numerous breakins
  • Genetic Harassment
  • The rights violations run the gamut
  • My mail from the USPS is monitored,  mostly returned to sender.  They keep anything related to my health, targetting me medically.
  • They hold my paychecks for weeks then return to sender.
  • Outgoing mail is heldup for weeks.
  • Finanacial statements are never recieved. 
  • Regular statements like Adams cable are often refused, and i have to pick them up ion Carbondale.
  • Outgoing business mail, is held, pilfered, delayed.  Intentional disruption to business
  • Covered up by the OIG.

I want my rights back.

My relatives safe, and my name cleared.

Distance is not a problem, I can drive.


I seek an attorney who will not pushed around by cops.


Thank You




  Madison Twp PA

gosh if you are a rumor mill to hurt neighbors, i can only imagine how you bad mouth your drunken patrons

todays date, 02/15/2018

For the payoff amount being offered for my death,

contact Aniello Moscato of the NYS police

OK. it's obvious the happy hacker is messing with this site,  so I'm going to start all over.

I will keep the names and plates listed as these are people actively involved in harrassig me,  stalking, monitoring,  conspiracy and defamation.  really every aspect of my life is target as Moscato employs street junk to mess with me.


 I need to start posting some videos.

check in from time to time,

the cameras surrounding my home and vehicle tell some good stories.

Georgina,Madison Twp PA, and Donna, Madison Twp PA,

Although the feds have told NY, NJ, and PA troopers and locals to get away from me,  Donna & Georgina seem to think they are above the Feds.

State Police confirm, Georgina is recognized as a browine. a brown nose.  She targets and injures people and animals for profit.



Co-Op Farmers Market, gang activity

advised i won't live past 55

Richard Bunsfield takes a payoff from Moscato 

Georgina admits to poisining my dog


1286 Fernwood Lake Rd

Lake Township PA   :)






Section 241 of Title 18 is the civil rights conspiracy statute. Section 241 makes it unlawful for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same). Unlike most conspiracy statutes, Section 241 does not require that one of the conspirators commit an overt act prior to the conspiracy becoming a crime.

The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.


If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same;...

They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.



 Moscato was found guilty in 2005.  the New York State Police did not take action against him, but rather  

fabricated evidence against me. 

Although I've never done anything negative in my life.

Typical procedure to protect a cop by trying to justify his acts against an innocent civilian.





   Richard B  asks for the key pad code to get into my parents house.


Richard B,  informs me the police are responsible for the death of a relative in Holsopple PA

Richard B Says, when are you going into surgery, and I told him, going into surgery would be like committing suicide, and his response was

                      "Ya gotta die sooner or later" says I'm worth a lot dead.                                        


then he says "Ya gotta admit, it is the way to go"  who thinks like this?

Richard B Conspires murder.tells me I'm worth a lot dead.


and one from Georgina after Poisining my dog, she said with a very compassionate comforting/hateful vindictive comment,    

          "It's just a little something, she'll be ok".

she admitted to poisining my dog.  and her daughter Michele was there, nodding her head in agreement to her vicious acts.



  PA Plate  MS UK

Georgina threatens to kill my dog.

 in a gang stalking meeting with Richard Bunsfield, watching the house when i lived in Waymart

Witnessed following a family member around north jersey, todays date is 05/01/2017

  contact Georgina. she gets conpensated for inflicting injury on people and aimals. .She throws God Blesses all over the place then poisons you and your dog.

Donna,  madison twp pa, you're a tool to georgina.  people don't listen to her because she's wierd and can't be trusted.  she uses you.



again i ask,  do you wonder who i talk to?

  Bruno was at that time an active member of the Ambulance Corp.

Bruno violated a court order harassing and stalking me.

I was not permitted to file a complaint



  asking me when i won't be home?

 Georgina, Madison Twp PA  18444,  administers what she terms "A Little Somethig" to my dog.  This,  a test to see how much it takes to sedate my dog so they can break in the house and not get bit.  Comments, and witnessed by Michelle.  recorded.

Richard Bunsfield,  Hitman for Hire


impersonates a federal agent is compensated for his actions to hurt people.  he sells the harassment service to unruly law enforcment.  laughs that his record for criminal activity is concealed.


attorneys are chased away.  not only for the police brutality, but also the medical procedure that's left me handicapped.

They claim i make good enough money, i deserve to pay the 46,000. on unpaid medical bills to geisinger cmc, because Dr Micciche mutilated my foot and ankle. and then they target my business, my clientelle.  every association they can identify.

the police control this too?

sueing Micciche for malpractice isn't a gift for me.   it would cover the expenses incurred on me because of his incompetance, and some of the assistaNCE I need.

i am handicapped for life because of Micciches work.  

I should be punished? isn't murdering 2 of my relatives enough to make moscato feel like a man?

and now the street gang trash chases off my customers targetting my income further.




enlarge this picture, you might know this guy


Stalker :) Accessory to felony crime, witness



A beginning list of locals used to harass, stalk, monitor, target and intimidate me.   these are people in law enforcment,  street gang members, and mentally ill people who have no life, and too much time on their hands,and seemingly respectable people targetting me at the request of gang members who they trust and have no clue they are being lied to.  Some are relatives of inmates,  doing mean things to me in exchange for favors for their incarcerated relatives.

PA Plate N3PEC

PA Plate JVT-1249  video taped

PA Plate  da   1444E, 12/28/16, video taped

NY Plate GVT-2989  1/13/17, video taped Port Jervis NY

NY Plate  ERR-4224, 1/13/17 Photo; Lowes parking lot and store. Matamorus PA

PA Plate ZDY-3266 red pickup, videotaped

PA Plate JZD-0971, Port Jervis NY  01/22/2017

PA Plate JRT-3328 Port Jervis NY  01/22/2017

 NY Plate HJP-1955, Rt 435 03/07/2017  video taped

PA Plate  DSS-6341 Hamlin PA  03/06/17

PA Plate KCV-9520 3/8/17

PA Plate HKJ-1384 3/8/17

PA Plate  DA-6389 5/30/2107  how pathetic.  could an American disgrace come from from such an honorable source?

PA Plate YXC-4490 DC, 5/10/17

PA Plate JGH-4513, or 5413

PA Plate DCA-3170 Brown Jeep 4/18/17

KDI-2560 Black Sedan  4/26/17

PA JRX-2674, dark green jeep female 6/9/17, 1:14 PM rte 81, videotaped

NY HFS-4438, 6/9/17

PA JSZ-6199, messing with me in NY, 6-9-17

PA JNH-4267

PA JYC-0712, 7/10/17 repeatedly

PA  EBB-6925, 8/8/17 repeatedly.  are your stupid?

NY  DFC-6740 8/30/17 Hannaford

PA  DLF-1805 8/23/17 smile

NY a good mugshot HFS-9217 8/30/17 11:40 AM camera doesn't lie HONEY !!!

NY GCH-7191 2:40 PM  MIddletown NY

PA Plate ZHT-4376

  DFC-6740 get that thing buffed

PA Plate DLF-1805  8/23/17 noon time  smile for the camera

NY Plate HFS-9217 Female, 11:40 AM. video taped. stalk follow chase,  nice clear mug shot

DV-3666, the camera doesn't lie.  followed me from Dunmore to DC, and actually sat and waited for me the camera doesn't lie. :)

PA HZY-3032, your a dummie.  gonna blow your livliehood over a trashy NYS trooper? cam doesn't lie, 8/9/17

PA FMJ-3615 Female, georginas friend :). white toyota 8/23/17

PA  MS UK  Georgina Michaels,  she's skuzzy. watches my house to tell losers when to drive up and down the road.  This woman is sick in the head

PA JNF-6375 Hamlin PA  9/29/17.  Smile for the camera you dummy

PA KDL-0658,  you are a stupid cop.  or so you claim to be.  ya see, i was wearing a cam, when you claimed to be, and said you don't feel sorry for me. 

truth be known, i'm not looking for sympathy.  I'm looking for idiots like you to identify themselves and pay for your crimes.

and no HONEY,  i never did anything, there was no altercation that insited moscato to take a fit on me,  it was a totallynunbprovoked attack.

he's bullying me and murdering my relatives because he THINKS i might/ve seen him commit a crime.  in other words, he's emphasizing his guilt.  got it?

PA JWN-9702, 10/20/17, smile for the cameras.  HONEY

 NY HWE-9265, Waiting for me in the parking lot SMILE :)

PA  GKU-7178

PA Plate  JMN-5878, Haas Pond Rd Madison Twp PA

NY Plate ACP-8106 Hannaford, wallkill ny

NY Plate  CWS-3360

PA Plate HKM-9647  4th time for this jerk 9:30 AM  11/13/17  smile for the camera :)

   HJC-6669, 11/2/17  Hannafords wallkill New York

PA Plate JPZ-2072  Grey Buick more dummies

PA Plate ERL-4221, smiled for thecamera, Thank You :)

PA Plate KFA-5165.  AGAIN?  12/31/2017  camera doesn't lie

PA Plate  MS-UK  identified on video tapes, stalking me over 4 years ago.  now the thing lives across the street from me.



CHIEFIE?  we gotta have a talk.  you can get respectable or go to jail got it?

PA Plate ZDX-8496.and a recent loser who find themself bored so they come park on rte 6 to watch the house. Police report made.

KNA-2166 Taking my picture at the Dollar general store in Wysox/towanda pa. I smiled for him.  and took his picture but he doesn't know until now.

KWH-4733 6-19-19 1:15 PM

Bobbie Jo dog groomer Dushore PA

AndreA gifford fraud, utilized etsy to defraud me of undue funds, defrauded the US postal service.

JGZ-0828 1130 AM femaile, whiote suv dickson City pa


KTM-9505 Libreary stalker/hacker


BH-00739 9-24-19. and alss the last time i was shot at, this guy was involved in the stalking.

KRR-2631 Jerk

JPH-1664 female.  blonde. in every way

PA  KRN-7722

PA ZHF-9423


PA JWJ-2581

PA jwy-5730  Hacker, stalker, video taped

PA ZGZ-7307 Gas Tank Vehicle damage video taped



GXF-0102 Hacking

PA-8644w, whatx a shame





GCA-0622 10-16-19  not so smart video taped

FMT-8285 hacker, wyalising lkibrary





ZGZ-7307 Sabotaging my nvehicle



GXF-0102 hacking

JWY-5730 hacking stalking








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